October 24, 2013

About PCHS

Providence Christian High School is a non-denominational, parent run school located in Fremont, Michigan. The goal of our school is to provide an educational environment in which students are challenged to integrate their faith into all facets of life as they grow both academically and spiritually.

We seek to provide more than just a religion-based education. Our educational program is for all families and/or teens who desire a Christ-centered, distinctively Christian education, regardless of their Christian church affiliation.

The trademark of Providence Christian High School is an academically challenging education that integrates faith into every area of school life. We are committed to keeping Christ in the classroom.

Our desire is to graduate academically talented, successful students who will:

  1. Become lifelong learners - a commitment to learning that goes beyond the classroom
  2. Have a servant’s heart - a commitment to the Lord reflected in a generous life filed with meaning and service to others.
  3. Become committed disciples of Christ - a commitment to the church as reflected in faithful service to the Lord with a focus on leading others to Christ through their own walk with the Lord.
  4. Be involved citizens - a commitment to their community reflected in involvement all with the goal of redeeming it for Christ.

Please use the links on this page to find out more about Providence Christian High School. If you have questions, please be encouraged to contact us through our Contact Form.