October 24, 2013

Biblical Studies

Total Credits Needed for Graduation: 2


The purpose of the Bible Department is to reveal more about the Lord, His plan of redemption and sanctification for mankind and all of creation.   The study of the Word of God will lead toward an awareness of the students personal relationship with the Lord and a better understanding of what it means to serve and glorify the Lord every day. The goal is to prepare students to serve their God and learn more about His will for their lives.  Focus will be placed on the study of the Bible as the inspired Word of God through which He presents His plan for all of creation as well as His plan for those within His Body.


Students will:

  • Learn more about the Lord and His sovereignty and how we serve Him.
  • Believe that the Bible is Gods loving and powerful word to His children.
  • Believe that the Word of God gives direction needed to pursue obedience in daily life.
  • Understand the responsibilities to care for our world which go with being created in the image of God.
  • Understand and interpret the worlds philosophical and ethical teachings in light of Gods written Word.
  • Develop a Christian worldview and an understanding of how Biblical principals apply to life.
  • Integrate Biblical truth into the entire Providence Christian High School curriculum.

Recommended Sequence

Course Descriptions

New Testament Survey      

Credit: 1
Prerequisite: None

Key Texts:  The Holy Bible, NIV; The Ministry of Christ: Throughout Palestine; In Jerusalem; To the Ends of the Earth, CSI

Description: This is an overview of the writings of the New Testament.  In the first semester, emphasis will be on the life of Christ and his time of ministry, his atoning work, and his deity and humanity.   In the second semester, the life and teachings of Paul and the other apostles will be the emphasis as well as the growth and development of the new Church. 

Old Testament Survey      

Credit: 1
Prerequisite: None

Key Text:  The Holy Bible, NIV; The Kingdom of God: A Guide for the Old Testament Study, CSI  

Description: The purpose of this class is to study the development of the Kingdom of God through the Old Testament. Our textbook takes a chronological approach to the development of the Kingdom of God. Therefore, we will study the books of the Old Testament in roughly the order in which they were written. This order is used to help the students see the way in which God's kingdom developed over the centuries in preparation for the coming of Christ. The goal of this course is for the students to study the Word of our Lord in order to increase their love for the Kingdom of God and for the Christ who is our eternal King.

Biblical Culture and Ethics         

Credit: 1
Prerequisite:  None 
Key Texts:  The Holy Bible, NIV; Exploring Ethics, Christian Schools International

Description: Through the use of the Bible and selected readings, the students will focus on the world around them and how they should respond and react so as to express their Christian faith, glorify God, and change the world in which they live. The goal is to deal with contemporary issues from a biblical perspective.  Some issues dealt with include abortion, racism, AIDS, capital punishment, suicide, materialism and poverty, drugs and sexuality. 

Objectives: Students will

  • Explore the nature of ethics and the truth of biblical ethics
  • Sharpen skills in thinking, presenting, discussing, and debating ethical issues.


Credit: 1
Prerequisite:  Biblical Culture and Ethics
Key Texts:  The Holy Bible, NIV; Understanding the Times, Harvest Publisher, 1994; Mere Christianity; The Universe Next Door


The goal is to encourage Christian minds to think critically and effectively. Students will:

  • Examine what they believe and why. 
  • Learn about differing religions and world and life views as compared to the Christian world and life view. 
  • Be encouraged to examine all of life from a Christian perspective. 

Note: This course is required for graduation