October 24, 2013

Physical Education

Total Credits Needed for Graduation: 1.5 (PE Credits may also be attained by participating on PCHS sports teams)


The purpose of the Physical Education is to instruct students in the concepts of physical fitness, fundamental movement skills, and basic strategies of team sports.  Particular emphasis is placed on endurance, strength, flexibility, balance, and agility.  The department attempts to foster proper stewardship of leisure time by introducing students to a variety of lifetime individual, dual and recreational competitive team sports.  The department seeks to honor God by expecting students to display proper conduct and sportsmanship as they practice Christian living through physical education activities.

Courses Available


Students will:

  • Strive for a high degree of health and fitness in order to vigorously serve God and others.
  • Demonstrate improvement in motor proficiency as measured by skill tests in various activities.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of skills, rules strategies, history, and safety in physical activities as measured by written unit tests.
  • Identify and understand various exercise components for cardio respiratory and muscular fitness.
  • Exhibit respect and sportsmanship of others, recognizing them as image bearers of God.
  • Exhibit an attitude of celebrative play, an outward evidence of a joyous relationship to God, in learning activities and performances. 
  • Develop a sense of Christian stewardship in the use of leisure time and choices of recreational activates. 
  • Develop an appreciation of various spectator sports.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the components of a healthy life and the consequences, including nutrition,

Course Descriptions


Credit: .5
Prerequisite: None

Description: Students in this required semester course will have the opportunity to gain knowledge and a Christian perspective on health issues facing teens in the twenty-first century.  In addition, students will gain an understanding on the components of a balanced nutritional diet and the major bones and muscles of the human body and an understanding of the basics of first aid.  The class places an emphasis on decision making and making the right choices according to Christian living. 

Objectives: Students will

  • Develop a Christian perspective of health and wellness issues.
  • Develop a Christian perspective when making decisions.
  • Learn the effects that drugs, alcohol and tobacco have on the body.
  • Learn about stress and stress management.
  • Understand the basic nutritional values for a life of healthy eating.
  • Learn what eating disorders are and their long and short-term effects on the body.
  • Develop a Christian perspective on sexual abstinence and learn about various STD�s .
  • Learn the major muscle and bones of the human body.
  • Learn the basic components of first aid.


Key texts: Health: Skills for Wellness (Prentice Hall), Bible, Handouts


Credit: .5
Prerequisite: None

Description: Physical Education I is a required semester course which centers on the concepts and play of team sports.  Emphasis is placed on learning the skills, rules, and strategies need to play the sport.  Sportsmanship along with safety is also emphasized. 

Objectives: Students will

  • Develop a Christian perspective of health, fitness and celebrative play.
  • Develop a Christian perspective of cooperation and sportsmanship.
  • Develop basic athletic skills and sports skills.
  • Learn rules and strategies.
  • Learn general safety practices unique to each athletic activity.
  • Participate in the Presidential Physical Fitness Program.

Key text: None


Credit: .5
Prerequisite: None

Description: Physical Education II is a required semester course centered on concepts of physical fitness, lifetime sports and refinement of movement skills.  The department attempts to foster good stewardship of leisure time by introducing students to various individual, dual and recreational sports. 

Objectives: Students will

  • Reinforce a Christian perspective of health, fitness, and celebrative play.
  • Learn methods of developing specific fitness components, such as cardiovascular endurance, strength, and flexibility.
  • Increase basic athletic and movement skills.
  • Reinforce positive social interaction and cooperative play.
  • Learn respect for authority and one another
  • Develop leadership abilities and gifts.
  • Learn the basic skills and strategies of a variety of lifetime sports.

PE Waiver Policy

All students must complete two semesters of high school Physical Education unless they have a PE Waiver.  With a PE Waiver, all students must take one semester of PE.  The second semester of PE can be waived for any student who successfully fulfills the following requirements:

  1. Successful completion of one high school interscholastic sport for at least three seasons and a second high school level interscholastic sport for a least two seasons.
  2. Successful completion of one half credit of PE.