October 24, 2013


Total Credits Needed for Graduation: 3


All students, created by God, living in a world that was created by and belongs to Him, have been called to study His creation.  After graduation, all students will be prepared to go into the world to use their knowledge of the world and serve the God that created them.  Students will be well-educated in the intricate details of atoms, molecules, and cells.  They will examine the human anatomy and physiology that was created in God�s image, and they will explore the awesome physical world around them, ultimately using the gift of this knowledge to glorify the Lord Creator God. �There is not a square inch on the whole plain of human existence over which Christ, who is Lord over all, does not proclaim: �This is Mine!��  -A. Kuyper


Upon completion of the science curriculum, all students will:  be equipped to go into the world with the confidence and knowledge necessary to be successful in the careers in which they are called, be more responsible in the care, use and application of scientific knowledge in the care of God�s creation, discover what it means to be created in the image of God, discover the omnipotence of God as seen through physical processes and intricate biological details, and be able to think critically about science using the scientific method. 

Recommended Sequence

Course Descriptions

Physical Science                                

Credit: 1
Prerequisite: None
Key Text :  Exploring Physical Science, Prentice Hall

Description: Physical Science is the study of the fundamental principles designed by God seen in the world around us.  Physical Science is an introductory class into the world of chemistry and physics.  Students will learn the process by which scientists think and practice that method by examining basic atomic structure and the properties stemming from that structure.  Students will also explore the physical world around them by demonstrating basic forces of nature and applying those forces to everyday examples outside of the classroom.


Credit: 1
Prerequisite: Passing grade in Physical Science
Key Text: Biology: Concepts and Applications, Wadsworth, 1997

Description: Biology is the study of life created by God.  The students will examine cellular structure and function, genetics, anatomy and physiology, environmental stewardship, and classification.  Students will be introduced to laboratory equipment that will be necessary to study living organisms, and will learn to work on a cooperating team to complete multiple experiments.  The students will relate concepts discussed in class directly to the call of stewardship given to all Christians by God.  


Credit: 1
Prerequisite:  C or better in Physical Science and Biology, and recommendation by staff
Key Text: Chemistry, Prentice Hall

Description: Chemistry is the study of the basic makeup of our world as created by God.  The students will explore further the world of atoms, how they differ from one another, how they bond with each other, and how that bonding forms other molecules that form the world around us.  Specific areas being explored are:  phases of matter, stoichiometry, the Periodic table, solutions, kinetics, equilibrium, acids and bases, and organic chemistry.  Students will demonstrate a working knowledge about the chemical basis of God�s creation and demonstrate use of that knowledge outside of the classroom.   


Credit: 1
Prerequisite: C or better in Physical Science and Biology, and recommendation by staff
Key Text: Conceptual Physics  3rd Ed., Addison Wesley,1997.